Company profile

Linetec is a small, yet versatile business, specialized in language and technology. Services offered range from development and evaluation of electronic products, service and repair of electrical and electronic equipment to translations of software, books and manuals (especially on the subjects of electronics and computer technology), copywriting and correction of texts. Linetec was founded in 1997 by Richard Rasker. Linetec remains a one-man business, but with an extensive network of contacts.

The background: wide interests

The basis of the various skills offered lies in Richard's extensive interest in language and technology. Apparently, his first words as a child were not the usual "mamma" and "pappa", but "on" and "off". Already from an early age, his favourite pastimes were tinkering and reading - and by the age of seven, he was reading books for grown-ups. After grammar school and studying electronics at university he was involved in developing electronic products, translating books, and repairing all conceivable sorts of electronic equipment for a wide variety of businesses.
Employment with regular companies however offered insufficient scope to pursue all his interests and skills, and so Richard decided to start his own business. In fact, more than work, his business is his hobby, and every new project taken on receives his full effort and enthusiasm.
All these aspects enable Linetec to offer a high degree of flexibility. To put it this way: As a customer of Linetec, you call the shots.

Simplicity, quality and reliability

In Richard's view, simplicity is an important prerequisite for quality and reliability. This is not only reflected by the business structure of Linetec, but also by the services offered. In technical projects and manuals for instance, much effort is targeted towards attaining the simplest possible solution, both from a manufacturer's and a user's viewpoint. Obviously, not every problem has a simple solution. Yet even with complicated projects, the goal is to offer simple and clear solutions.

Another guarantee for quality is the fact that Richard personally carries out as much of a project as possible. In this way, he not only delivers the best possible product quality, but also the best after-sales care, for instance training and maintenance.

Contrary to many companies, Linetec is not about expansion. Linetec is better characterised as a personal project, aiming to offer high-quality products and services at an affordable price.