Copywriting and revision

Linetec's language services are not limited to translations of existing documents. Linetec can also produce documents on various subjects, in any desired style. As with translations, copywriting is offered in English, Dutch and German.

Examples include magazine articles, product descriptions, and advertisements, and also correspondence, reports and other corporate communications. Texts can be produced in many different styles and for many target groups. For instance, a document containing specific corporate information can be kept simple for the general public, detailed and technical for engineers, or less detailed, yet with important business information for executives.
As a client, you determine the subject, the style and the length of a document. Linetec will compose the document you desire, based on the background information supplied. If needed, Linetec is willing to conduct any research required.

Document revisions

Another of Linetec's language services is revising documents, checking both the language and the content. Documents can vary from simple advertising texts to corporate communications, CVs, theses, and so forth.

Poor language and/or errors in content can seriously harm the professional image of an organisation, especially when the document concerned is widely published. A document containing obvious errors may be interpreted as an insult to the reader: a poorly written document can be seen as meaning the reader is viewed as of little importance by the writer. There is an analogy between a publication for a large group of readers, and the room in which your customers and other important contacts are received - in both cases, you wish to make a good impression. Or do you invite your clients into a cluttered courtyard for proper business?

Linetec will not only correct any errors in a document, but will also clearly mark the changes made. If desired, a report can supplied indicating the most common errors, so that these can be avoided in the future.