Translation Services

Languages and specialiations

Linetec offers translation services in Dutch, English and German. Specialist knowledge and skills are offered in the following technical and scientific fields:

Computer sciences



Medical sciences

Translations of most other types of documents, such as prose and articles, are usually no problem. If in doubt, ask and we will indicate our suitability for the job.

Note that we cannot translate manuscripts, such a legal documents, where you require a certified translator.

More than just translations

A good translation is more than a literal conversion of a text from one language into another. When translating a document, Linetec takes into account the following aspects:

Content verification:

During translation, the document content will be verified wherever possible. Obvious errors are usually corrected as part of the process. if uncertainties arise, further research is carried out, and the customer and/or author contacted.


Many documents contain cultural elements which are particular to the source language, but are meaningless in the target language. Common examples are colloquialisms, idioms, and names of television shows, brand names, food items, etc. If required, special effort will be made to replace the original elements (het regent pijpenstelen literally: it's raining pipe stems) with ones having a comparable meaning in the target language (it's raining cats and dogs).

Text flow:

Not every source document is well written. Often, the document content is correct, yet the document lacks a "smooth flow" which makes reading more difficult; sometimes, items are presented in a less than optimal order, or the author jumps from one subject to another. This type of imperfections in style can usually be remedied by reordering text sections, or (in extreme cases) by rewriting complete sections.

Content changes are of course only made if requested by the client, or after consultation with the client.