Translating or creating manuals and similar instructive documents is one of Linetec's linguistic specialties.

In general, users do not read manuals sufficiently well. This is often caused by the user's attitude ("Who needs a manual?"), but just as frequently by the poor quality of the manual itself. All too often, an excellent product is accompanied by a manual that is obscure, confusing, over complicated or sometimes simply unreadable. This is regrettable, since a badly written manual is often the cause of dissatisfaction to the users of a product. Sometimes this situation leads users to falsely believe that a certain product lacks possibilities, or even that a product has inherent shortcomings, both of which are, of course, very undesirable from a commercial viewpoint.

A well-written manual must meet several important, though often conflicting requirements:

In short, these requirements often amount to explaining something complicated in a simple and logical way. This is a particular skill which Linetec can offer.

As with translations, manuals can be translated or produced in Dutch, English and German.