Elektronics: design, production, assessment

Linetec is capable of developing a wide range of products and systems, due to both in-house knowledge, and an extensive professional network.

One key aim in many developments is simplicity: a lot of time and effort is spent on achieving a solution that is as simple and efficient as possible, resulting in high product quality and low (mass) production cost.

Product development can be geared to any scale, from one-off prototypes to small production series to mass-produced items.

Areas of expertise

Biomedical technology

One of the areas where Linetec has gathered special expertise is biomedical technology, partly in co-operation with Twente University. This entails designing safety and control systems for biomechanical systems (rehabilitation robots), optical biosensors, and medium-power electrical systems for use inside the body. Linetec knowledge in the fields of basic medicine and physiology, (bio)chemistry, and biomechanics.


Another notable field of expertise is physics, in particular with regard to thermodynamics, energy, and of course electricity.

Professional network

Linetec is part of an extensive professional network of experts and other businesses in several industrial and technological fields, such as experts in RF electronics and fine mechanics, PCB manufacturing and assembly companies, to mention just a few. Linetec also maintains contacts with several educational and healthcare institutions and professionals.

Product examples

The following is a small selection of products, previously developed by Linetec / Richard Rasker :