Repair service

This is one of Linetec's most popular services. This is hardly surprising: repairs usually take no more than a few days, the likelyhood of a successful repair is high, the rates are low, and Linetec takes the terms "service" and "warranty" seriously. Furthermore, for several groups of customers, such as students and regular clients, special discounts apply.

You can contact Linetec to report a fault or to request further information. When reporting a needed repair, please give as much of the following information as possible. The more information you supply, the faster, more efficient and therefore cheaper the repair will be:

After receiving your repair request, Linetec will contact you as soon as possible.

(*) For house calls, the following restrictions apply:
- House calls are only made for larger equipment (TVs, computer monitors etcetera) or for repairs of multiple smaller appliances at once.
- For house calls within the city of Enschede no call-out charge applies. For house calls outside Enschede, travelling costs and travelling time will be charged appropriately.
- Linetec cannot transport any equipment. The customer is responsible for delivery and collection of equipment, to and from Linetec.